hello handsome is the moniker for the music, words, art and designs of Sarah K Melfy. It began in 2006 primarily as a solo music project. Check out stuff on a screen for the most recent artistic wanderings.

Below is a brief musical bio, for those interested:

Sarah is a former member of The Parties (Rainbow Quartz Records), as well as a co-founder of the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. Her playing and performance style has been described as having a certain charm” by Record Turnover, and being particularly bright in its timely melodies and counter rhythmsby The Bay Bridged.

hello handsome has 3 releases to date:

Big Deal: The Single
A single co-produced with Scott Blonde (The Lovemakers). Released in 2012.

A Octobre
A 12-minute piece, made up of 6 songs. Recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, California. Released in 2011.

 Tell Me A Story: A-Z
An ongoing collection of singles, released in alphabetical order. Started in 2010. Self-recorded/produced in Oakland, California.